The YouTube Star Kenneth Gardner reviews YL Website!

Among Young Living related YouTube videos, Kenneth Gardner, is one of the top viewed users out there.  He is himself is a user of YL Website for the awesome, beautiful, and customizable websites that we have.  YL Website is a perfect fit for Kenneth and any Young Living distributor because it gives him the power to upload all of his videos directly onto his YL Website.  This is powerful because it simply adds more credibility and professionalism to him.

So without further ado, here is Kenneth Gardner’s YouTube video review of YL Website:

To check out Kenneth’s YL Website, visit here:
To subscribe to his YouTube channel, visit here:

*Note if you are a YL Website member and would like to be featured on the YL Website blog, then create a YouTube video yourself reviewing the site!

YL Website “User Backoffice” NEW Graphical Makeover

Today, YL Website has launched a brand NEW “User Backoffice” with beautiful and easy to read buttons.  The new buttons display beautiful graphics showing what each button is for as well as bold text alongside.  When you hover over a button with your mouse you will notice that the button pops up as well as becomes highlighted with a light blue color.  A lot of thought went into these buttons so that the user can graphically see what they are about to click as well as bringing the website up to HTML5 and CSS3 standards!

YL Website is truly state-of-the-art and the fact that we are actively updating the website puts us light years ahead of our competition.

To see the new User Backoffice simply log into your account and voila, the new backoffice is set up to show on all the user’s backoffice!

So enjoy! And keep a look out for new updates to YL Website!

YL Website User Backoffice

New Header Images added to all YL Website replicated websites!

YL Website has just recently released four NEW Header Images for the personal websites!  YL Website is committed to keeping our content fresh and up to date as well as adding new beautiful images whenever we can.

Take a look at these beautiful header images below:

Slique Kit Header

Slique Kit Header Image 2

Deep Relief Header Image

NingXia Red Header Image with Promo Box

To make any of these images your own Header Image on your own YL Website personal site, simple log into your backoffice and click “Update Header Image.” Then select any of the new header images that have been recently added and click update.Simple as that!

And remember you can always upload your own header image to truly personalize your website.  To learn how, go here:

If you are a current YL Website user and would like other header images to be available, please feel free to email us at:

YL Website is about to LAUNCH!!!

Dear Young Living Independent Distributors,

YL Website is about to launch to the public!!! Meaning that you will soon be able to have one of the best “Personal Young Living Websites” available!

Here’s how it all happened:
My name is Dallas Harting and I myself am a Young Living distributor just like you. I was eager to build my Young Living business and I wanted to have an online presence to introduce to new people. Basically I wanted to have a great looking website that was professional, beautiful, and got people excited when visiting. I searched day and night for a replicating / personal website that I could use. I did not like what I was seeing…at all. Some were very basic (like they were made in the 1990’s) and others did not let me fully customize the website how I wanted. Some were not even websites at all really but just made the user click here, now here, and finally ok sign up – that did not let a new person explore and research Young Living. And you can forget about adding social media to the sites I was finding. I was frustrated and left wanting more.

So my only solution was to build it myself. And that’s exactly what I did – I built a beautiful website that I could introduce to new people and get them excited about Young Living. There was one big problem though; now all the people I had introduced wanted a website of their own but they did not know how to build it.

So I went back to the drawing board…

And created “YL Website” with the goal of opening it up to the entire distributor field of Young Living. I think that every distributor in Young Living should have the best tools available, especially in this modern time of the internet! And what is the hottest trend right now for people and businesses? Social Media! I built YL Website so that every page can have your top social media websites linked to them. Its a one-stop-shop; a new person can go to your YL Website and from there they can see your Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Blog, and YouTube pages.

YL Website can immediately give you the professional website that you’ve been wanting. You simply sign up and edit your contact page with your own information like your picture, bio, and contact info. Its that simple. (There are even some great templates that you can simply edit with your own information).

If you would like to make your YL Website even better and more personalized, you can:
– add your social media links (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Blogger/Wordpress, YouTube, and even a special Young Living icon)
– change your banner images on all the pages to the professional image selection available to you (or even upload your own banner image)
– and most importantly, you can add anything you want to your contact page. Meaning that you can add a YouTube video, a Google Calendar to show your upcoming events and classes, or maybe you are very advanced and know how to write html code yourself – well you can do that too!

There is also a full support & help section with video tutorials and instructions in case you need help or find yourself stuck.

And the best part about YL Website is that it is constantly being updated with new product information, or new farm descriptions, or anything else that Young Living is currently doing.

YL Website is simple the best personal website because it was created & designed specifically for a Young Living distributor.

So get excited… YL Website will officially launch in just a few more days!!!