YL Website “User Backoffice” NEW Graphical Makeover

Today, YL Website has launched a brand NEW “User Backoffice” with beautiful and easy to read buttons.  The new buttons display beautiful graphics showing what each button is for as well as bold text alongside.  When you hover over a button with your mouse you will notice that the button pops up as well as becomes highlighted with a light blue color.  A lot of thought went into these buttons so that the user can graphically see what they are about to click as well as bringing the website up to HTML5 and CSS3 standards!

YL Website is truly state-of-the-art and the fact that we are actively updating the website puts us light years ahead of our competition.

To see the new User Backoffice simply log into your account and voila, the new backoffice is set up to show on all the user’s backoffice!

So enjoy! And keep a look out for new updates to YL Website!

YL Website User Backoffice